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Sport and recreation do not just reflect social inequality, they can actively create it.

And conventional sport provision tends to follow a model where decisions are made from the top down by those who have little understanding of community need.  Ultimately communities need to be in control but sometimes they need a helping hand. A community development orientated approach can tackle inequality and empower people but it needs to be built from the bottom up.


The following articles analyse inequality and explore how community centred approaches can be adopted. They will be of interest to professionals, volunteers, and activists working in communities:

Sport for All is a paper which analyses what causes inequality and how it can be addressed.


Community Sports Development is a paper which outlines community centred provision and evaluates best practice.


Community Sport and Arts is a thesis comparing community provision which evaluates two different approaches and projects.


Researching Community Leisure is a paper which discusses how to research community sport and arts provision based on the previous thesis.

Play Left Wing will be updated periodically, so please come back later to find more new features and sources.

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