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Freedom through Football

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Sport is riddled with conservative and discriminatory values but there are emerging networks of sports clubs who take an alternative approach. They employ a DIY (do-it yourself) philosophy to escape the influence of those who conventionally control sport. They plan and organise democratically, are inclusive of different genders, engage in anti-racist work, and gather together at international sport festivals.


The following articles will be useful to those interested in how to cultivate an alternative approach. They focus on two local community sports clubs in England, who are both part of broader international networks of clubs committed to radical change:

Sport, Community Action and Autonomy is an analysis of how a local club has grown itself to become a leading influence in radical activity worldwide.


Pursuing Socialist Football is the story of how one local club struggles to live up to its own ideals, how it operates and has evolved over thirty years, and how it has connected into networks of other like-minded clubs across the world.

Play Left Wing will be updated periodically, so please come back later to find more new features and sources.

Play left wing

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