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Welcome to Play left wing


This site promotes ideas and access to sources which consider how sport and recreation can create more People Power. Playfeftwing is aimed at players, supporters, professionals, activists, students and academics interested in the role sport and recreation can play towards progressive change in a fairer world. Playfeftwing hosts access to sources which stimulate thoughts of how people can be more empowered to create change, and illustrate effective approaches to do so.


Features include downloadable articles, photography, and links to other useful websites, films, and content.


Invariably these sources promote alternative thinking about achieving greater democracy and equality, challenge orthodoxy, commit to change by bottom-up collective approaches, and propose creative and radical solutions. All demonstrate the potential of sport and recreation for transformative change.

Ideas are explored across different themes:

Sport Activism

Considers how activists may pursue change in sport, or through sport for change elsewhere

Freedom through Football

Considers how local community sport clubs can adopt Do-It-Yourself approaches to take more control of their own destiny 

Fan Power

Considers how supporters, especially those F.C. Sankt Pauli may resist commercialisation and reclaim more control of their game

Community Recreation

Considers how inequality is manifested in how community development approaches in sport (and the arts) enable greater influence and impact

Play Left Wing will be updated periodically, so please come back later to find more new features and sources.

Play left wing

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