February 27, 2017

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Did you ever long for a memory or story that never was?


I sometimes play scenes on my head that seem so convincing at the time, it can bring me to tears. Or uncontrollable laughter! 


Not all the time - nor both at once, mind you - I'm still able to hold a conversation most days. 



But that's powerful!


What we do sometimes long for is, in fact... possibilities.


Possibilities start their life in the realm of the imagination**. And they apply to all areas of your life. It could be the possibility of a new acquaintance becoming a best-friend, it could be finally leaving the job that's sucking you dry.


Longing feels good sometimes; I'd sooner feel the sad but warm feeling of dreaming up opportunities I might think will never realize than stay connected to the pseudo-real, brutal and mundane world of everyday existence.


What or Who decides what path things take, though? I may have more questions than answers, but I will tell you this: some things must be dared before they are earned.


And doesn't your mind start singing just with the idea of 'it' becoming reality? ...could it?


What if..?



** (where some of them definitely belong!)

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