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What is Sport Activism?

Sport activism is advocating or acting for social or political change in sport, or through sport; for social or political change elsewhere. Effective sport activism and protest dispel the myth that sport and politics do not mix and offer a degree of optimism that oppression can be challenged.

Sport offers a theatre of opportunity ripe for activism which has the potential power to transform circumstances, and can act as a site for resistance towards targets both inside and outside sport, ideologically, politically economically, socio-culturally, and environmentally.

Sport activism represents a challenge to those who uncritically assert that sport is non-political, that politics should be kept out of sport, and to blinkered sport evangelists who believe that sport is always a benign force for social good. Sport Activism contests the conservative social values which permeate sport, the global neo-liberal economic context within which sport is practiced, and is illustrated by a range of examples drawn from both lawful means and civil disobedience.

  • Where are you based?
    Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, I support business and private clients with a wide variety of services. Having been living in the UK for over 15 years now affords me a deep understanding of both British and Brazilian cultures, a boundless curiosity and a passion for communication across borders.
  • How can your language consultancy help my business?
    Being a native of Brazil - my home country of 22 years - I understand the inner workings of the Brazilian bureaucracy, which means that I can HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, whether you’re dealing with Brazil for the first time or expanding your business.
  • What does proofreading entail?
    If you already have your Brazilian Portuguese or English content, your material will benefit from a second pair of eyes! I can provide a final quality check before you publish it or send it off for printing. I work with businesses and private clients to ensure the highest possible standards and avoid errors which can cost time, money and even reputations. I check for: - Spelling - Grammar - Regional inconsistencies (US v. UK English, Brazilian v. European Portuguese phrasing, etc.) - Numerical errors - Typos which are not picked up by a spellcheck - Consistency of terms
  • How can I get a quote or discuss my project further?
    Please GET IN TOUCH HERE for a timely, professional and friendly response. Thank you!

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