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We are all on the same boat...

What do you think are the biggest challenges we face in the world today?

We all (well, anyone I want to be associated with) like to think we deeply care about things such as human rights, the famine, the environment...  but how can we tackle things head on?

Like most people I know, I felt utterly powerless, and simply ill equipped to make a difference. 

Not only that but, since resources are limited, how does one even 'decide' what causes to help and when, in the sea of noble causes out there?

I have decided that, with my arts, travels, and this web platform, I also can make a difference.  And you can be part of it too.


If you believe there must be a way to make a positive impact in the world - help me out.


All of the posts and images you can see [and purchase] on this website will have a 'tag' associated with them. This 'tag' will give you a clue as to what cause(s) or institution(s) I'm trying to support with that piece.


If you purchase any of my work (an original painting, commission or print), check out the 'tag' associated with it and you will see where I'm sending my pledge to. 11% of the proceeds will go to a good cause - pure and simple.

If you have a different charity or cause in mind, let me know and, if upon research I find they are a 'clean'** institution - I will happily

reach out to them and pledge in your name. And who knows - a new positive relationship can start flourishing from there!


Take action! - or help me do so.


Help spread the idea around on your social media. And if you can come up with a better formula to make things improve, don't keep it all to yourself - We'd all love to hear from you! 

Leave your comment below, share this page on your social media, or contact me directly here.

Thank you so much for your time! You can also contribute directly to my efforts by simply using the donating button above.

Tiago Rocha - artist
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Together we can change things for the better through our work!

Thank you!

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**Some people think asking for money is appalling - I think it's a privilege.

Keep track and know how your hard earned money is spent when you take action. Start here (opens in a new window).

Can't help with a donation? No problem - what about proceeding with a Random Act of Kindness? 


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