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Stop sounding like a broken record...

...let me look after all your language needs.

TRanslation & interpreting +

Cross country and language borders with an impeccable finish for your target audience.


Everyone has a story. 

Let me craft splendid texts to accompany your premium products or services. 


The concept is simple; you brief, I design.

You then take over ownership.


I can help you achieve your goals and smooth your path to success in a number of ways.

TRanslation & interpreting

Well, actually - a lot more. Some of the services I provide include:

  • Translation + certified translations

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Transcreation

  • Summary translations

  • Revisions

  • Quality Checks

  • Terminology management

  • Transcription

  • Subtitling

  • Interpreting

Translation Section


I specialize in visualizing ideas and bringing them to life through digital media.

Press releases, marketing materials, brochures, newsletters, webcontent.


I focus on telling your story in a compelling, beautiful way, with interactive web design, effective SEO and content to help you achieve your business goals.

Storytelling section


I specialize in helping small businesses get digital, and make they shine brighter than the competition.

I am passionate about taking your vision and translating it into a beautiful, functional website. I am proud to help you with all sorts of solutions.

Design Section


Being a native of Brazil - my home country of 22 years - I understand the inner workings of its bureaucracy and can HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, whether you’re dealing with Brazil for the first time or expanding your business.

I also provide cultural insights and have compiled and edited AP style writing guides for a number of sectors.

Consulting Section

…let's have you shine brighter than the competition.

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Tiago Rocha

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